Kolumni: A City I have fallen in love with

Let me tell you about a city I have fallen in love with. Although I am Scottish and proud of this, I grew up in a little town called Rushden, in East Midlands, England. It sits about 70 miles (112 km) north of London. I have lived in many different places, including San Diego, California, but will always call Rushden home. My family and closest of friends still live there now and when visiting England or Scotland I always go there first, but this is not the place I want to talk about.

The beautiful city of Seinäjoki is the place I have fallen in love with. Here I feel at peace and feel safe. I have met my beautiful partner and had my first wonderful little girl. It is a city that has given me a chance to find myself and develop as a person.

When I speak to Finns and tell them how much I love this city, many look at me with the blank expression that many Finns have even if they are happy or sad. It is something that really amuses me still – this look of shock that someone could say they love a small city like Seinäjoki. I never stop by just saying I love the city, it’s important to me that I tell the reasons why.

There are so many fantastic people here. I have always found the Finnish people so friendly and kind, once you get to know them of course. Before becoming friends eye contact can be difficult, just like getting a Finnish person to smile and have small talk, but once you get to know a Finn you have a friend for life. That’s how I feel now with so many friends here. No matter what happens in the future, I know I will have these friends for life.

Seinäjoki is a place of real beauty and I love the calmness of life here. The walks in Joupiska and up by the lake. The relaxing coffee and cake from one of the many wonderful little cafes here and there. The ability to be anywhere in 10 minutes – or at least that’s what I tell people – as I can walk into town in 10 minutes, bike to the swimming hall or drive to the Stadium and Joupiska.

It is also great when I finish my coaching late or pop to the shop after ten o’clock and the traffic lights are out. The freedom to just drive when there is nothing coming is a small but pleasing thing for someone who has lived in busy places where a 10 km travel across town can take 45 minutes.

I hope to be in this great city for years to come, but you just never know what will happen in life.

One thing I do know is that I have fallen in love with the city of Seinäjoki and that will never change.

Brian Page

Junior Talent Coach, SJK