Kolumni: Life, Love and family

This has been a period that I probably will never experience again in my lifetime. For everyone this has been very challenging and for many very difficult.

I am very lucky that my life at present is filled with love and no more so than within my family. My partner, my 1st little daughter and myself have just welcomed another beautiful little girl into the world and it has brought us even closer together.

In such a challenging time I have felt so much love and I have been so happy. It is these moments in life that make you realize with all the pain and suffering in the world there can be love.

For many Finns they will not understand that they live in a country that cares so much for each other. I have seen this in the way that people have listened to the instructions and guidelines around the virus and stuck to the rules that have been put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The Finns I know have just gone about their business as normal and done what they always do and that is care. Care about not only themselves, but their fellow Finns as well. I feel lucky to bring my young family up in a country that loves each other and cares for one another without a thought.

Even in my work there has been this togetherness and caring for others. Many had taken pay cuts for a period of time to ensure that others could still work. The SJK family has stuck together and I feel, has come out the other side stronger as a club and organisation.

I can feel every day that the people that work at SJK from the cleaners to the office staff to the players and coaches care for each other in a way that I have never seen at any other club I have been at. To be able to feel you have an extended family is a wonderful feeling and something I hold close to my heart.

Nature is in control and I believe that we should hold every moment we have with the people we care for and love. These moments and experiences can never be taken so cherish them whilst you can.

This is not over so please stay safe and look out for each other.

Brian Page

SJK coach